terça-feira, 8 de abril de 2008

Interoperability, the odd way

This may hurt the more purist ones, but when the company manager says he likes Linux but wants to keep Microsoft Office on his laptop (although he thinks OpenOffice is excellent - for all the others) Wine is a lifesaver.

Ms Office XP and 2003 are certified by Codeweavers. It runs fast and rock solid on Linux. Office 2007 support is coming soon.

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Unknown disse...

I have to say this is the way I do it in Mac OS X as well. Whenever I have to check the "integrity" of any .doc file, I use wine (well Codeweavers Crossover) to check the file - it's faster than any virtual machine!!!

Anónimo disse...

@carlos serrao

For "integrity" checking you don't even need a Microsoft licenses. You can just use Word Viewer under wine.