sexta-feira, 2 de maio de 2008

Adobe vs Open Source (was Macromedia vs Open Source)

- let stupid one liners hanging forever on flash 6 for Linux
- forget Linux during upgrade the to flash 8
- realize you're being bashed by on every Linux user in the world
- check the bad press you're getting
- hire a well known Linux multimedia developer
- fail to have flash 9 for Linux ready on time
- setup a blog for controlling damage and let early betas go through
- release flash 9 for Linux... late
- keep on listening to user feedback and release flash 9 updates regularly
- make the full PDF specification an ISO standard
- release some open source stuff
- join the Linux Foundation and announce Air for Linux
- open the flash related specifications to everyone (comercial and non-comercial use - apparently)
- ....
- profit?

Do we see some progress here?

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