quarta-feira, 6 de outubro de 2010

The Linspotting project - Linux video editing workflow ready for action

A full Linux video editing workflow is finally ready for production use. The certified solution is based on Kdenlive plus a set of components which allow easy integration with different sources of video (firewire capture, DVD extraction, H264 transcoding, screen capture, etc). The certification and packaging initiative, which was made possible by years of impressive work from several groups of open source developers, comes from Angulo Sólido, Caixa Mágica and the freelance journalist Caroline Pimenta.

The solution includes most features expected in professional video editing packages, such as: multi-track editing, support for a wide range of formats and codecs (mp3, mpeg2, mpeg4, DnxHD, Theora and others) and platforms (eg, Vimeo, Youtube), an important set of effects and transitions, support for screen captures, custom rendering profiles and subtitle support.

It can be installed on Linux Caixa Mágica simply by selecting the package “task-video-editing” on the Synaptic package manager. All the dependencies are handled automatically.

Kdenlive's main window

A workflow manual is available in English and Portuguese.

A simple demo video, which is a remake of the famous and fabulous Transpotting intro, was also released and can be found below.

Linspotting from Caroline Pimenta on Vimeo.

The source RPMs, which may be useful for other distributions can be found here:


We would like to highlight the high quality work delivered by projects like xine, kaffeine, mplayer, vlc, ffmpeg, mlt and kdenlive which are the building blocks of this easy to use certified solution.

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legalizebrasil disse...

Hum, tenho Ubuntu...
Vou ver se consigo instalar os RPMs..

Anónimo disse...

DLing the rpms now....

Id love to see a video editor come out with two GUIs, one the full version with all the whistles and one version for newbies that would only have the most used functions.

You know how when you go to preferences in VLC you have a Simple Settings and an All Settings option?
That All settings is pretty scary to most people and let's face it, 99,9% of people will never use it.
The simple settings has most of what you generally use.

Id love to have that in a video editor so newbie/kids/people who rarely use can take a few videos from the digital cameras, add a soundtrack and some text in a few easy steps. Then if they need to do more (or get better and want to explore) they have the option to use the same software and expand to the full version with more options.

I actually think that many software should be done that way but especially video. I still remember sitting in front of Adobe Premiere 6.5 and thinking "What Now?" when Windows Makers could cover most of what I wanted to do.

GUI intimidation is very high in editing software and I think an easy/advanced interface would go a long way.

Panoramix disse...


We don't need an editor with two GUIs.

Several editors are based on MTL (www.mltframework.org) and they can choose to expose more or less functions.

Maybe you feel the need of a home video editor like Windows Movie Maker. That could be done on top of MTL.

Anyway, that's not the purpose of Kdenlive, which is a technical tool for full video editing.

Anónimo disse...

Providing tarballs would be greatly appreciated.

Belinda Allan disse...

Excellent! Well done and thanks with all my heart for this. I've been wishing and praying for video editing with Linux for a while now... thanks so much!

BTW - love the linspotting! :D

BigWhale disse...

Nicely written manual. I am doing some video production on Linux too and it can be frustrating sometimes. This kind of manuals will help future users. :)

I'd recommend that you extend the editing chapter and perhaps add few more things about codecs, people generally don't know much about those things.

Good work!