terça-feira, 10 de janeiro de 2012

VMware 2 long process names vs top: meet vmware-top

Have you noticed how VMware 2 process names are very-very-long-freight-train-long-we-could-say?

That is why when you run "top" on a VMWare 2 server you can't realize which VM is taking over great amounts of CPU or memory. On the other hand "ps" shows the complete process names but is unable to display instantaneous CPU usage.

What to do then? Interestingly, this seems to be an orphan question.

The solution is a custom script that uses both top and atop to display the list of VMware 2 processes sorted by CPU consumption. The result can be downloaded from here and looks like this.

  • you must have "top" and "atop" installed for this to work.
  • the shell script is not pretty